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Can we be honest with each other? If you rank on page two, you might as well rank on page 100. When potential customers are searching, you need to show up first.  If you’re not, someone else is. 

Our digital marketing service can help you grow your digital presence and customer base through social media content creation and other online tools. Building up your online presence is now more important than ever. And although it sounds easy, it takes a ton of research and analysis to implement a sound strategy. 

Nytelock helps your company achieve new heights of success by implementing tried-and-true SEO tactics that raise your online visibility, traffic, and sales. We are on a mission to optimise your organic sales by obtaining your most valuable keywords and phrases on the first page of search engines as a dependable and one of the most professional SEO agencies in Toronto, Canada.

As a full service agency, our offerings include, but are not limited to:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Optimization (SMO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Paid Ads Optimization/Campaigns (Google, FB, IG)
• Copywriting
Competitor & Keyword Research
• Market Research

• Local Lead Research and Analysis

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the technical aspects of your website, as well as its popularity, content, and interaction, so that search engines will rank it higher. Attain the best SEO agency to help you get a high Google ranking right now.

The online buying experience of your target audience begins with a simple search engine query. Engaging a reliable SEO service in  Toronto, Canada ensures that you appear at the top of the first page of Google.com.sg search results when people search for these key terms.


If this is your first time engaging in such a service, fret not. We strive to make things as easy as possible and will guide you through the process.

Weekly Reports

As there is a lot of backend work involved, we will provide you constant updates via written reports to ensure you are kept in the loop.

Get More Traffic

With higher rankings, you'll see an uptick in traffic to your website. Our SEO experts will help you optimize for search engines and drive the right kind of traffic in your direction.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each project will be assigned to a specific professional from our team. This ensures that there is no miscommunication from both parties. We ensure your project goes smoothly!

We never work with your competition

You get our undivided attention to make you the best organically in your industry. It also doesn’t make sense to compete against ourselves.

Long Term Partnerships

We place a high value on long-term relationships. We value the friendship and trust that has developed (or is developing) between us.


If this is your first time engaging in such a service, fret not. We strive to make things as easy as possible and will guide you through the entire process.

Weekly Reports

As there is a lot of backend work involved, we will provide you constant updates via written reports to ensure you are kept in the loop.

Guaranteed Results

We have a dedicated team of professionals and marketers that have been doing this for years. Rank higher on search engines and standout!

Dedicated Project Manager

Each project will be assigned to a specific professional from our team. This ensures that there is no miscommunication from both parties.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated SEO service is catered to smaller businesses and SMEs looking to stand out amongst the tough competitive landscape. Unlike other SEO vendors in Toronto, Canada , we always prioritize the customer first. This means you get 24/7 attention and care from our local Customer Success Managers along with full transparency with our weekly reporting. 

Unbeatable Quality

We have pioneered the digital market field since 2011. That's now more than a decade of valuable experience.

Proudly #MadeInToronto, Canada

We are a full-fledged home-bred marketing agency, backed by a global support team.

Google Approved

We only engage in White Hat SEO techniques approved by Google, with high quality backlinks.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide deliverables that are guaranteed to exceed client expectations in every way.

Bang for your Buck

We offer higher quality reports compared to our competitors, at a fraction of the cost.

Truly Tech-Enabled

We invest in high-tech systems that are unrivalled even by competitors.

We believe in promoting local Entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as giving back to our community, as a family-owned business. We are in the ideal position to assist you with your campaigns in Toronto, Canada because of our deep understanding of the culture, consumers, and digital marketing environment.

We are seasoned and highly technical SEO experts who have ranked thousands of campaigns successfully. To get you the Google rank you deserve, our SEO agency will do the following:

✔️  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
✔️  SEMrush / Ahrefs Audit
✔️  Google AdWords / PPC
✔️  Social Media Optimization
✔️  Facebook Remarketing
✔️  Social Media Optimization (SMO)
✔️  Backlinks analysis and creation
✔️  Full website Audit

✔️  Keyword Planning
✔️  Meta Data Enhancement
✔️  Content Optimization
✔️  Removal of Crawl Errors
✔️  Construction of White Hat links
✔️  Multi-country and Multi-language Setting
✔️  Weekly & Monthly Reports
✔️  Full Transparency

How SEO Can Help Your Business

For any business, search engine optimization is critical. Your potential customers may be seeking for you but can't find you. Jankosoft can help you rank on Google for keywords that your target audience searches regularly. Your website will begin to receive more traffic, leads, and sales as a result of SEO services. Every company is different, therefore your website may only require local SEO. services in Toronto, Canadaif you are local plumber located in Toronto, Canada. If you are a digital service provider you might be targeting regions outside Toronto, Canada.

Setting You up for Success

Your SEO campaign's on-page SEO can make or break it. We find keywords and phrases with high search volume and commercial intent that are relevant to your business. Our content team generates and optimises web copy based on those keywords, incorporating them into the most crucial aspects of your website. We optimise every aspect of your website to ensure that it performs optimally in search results. Because website speed is one of the most essential ranking elements, we ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible. Now is the time to sign up with Toronto, Canada premier SEO agency.

Brand Recognition & Reputation

One of the most important aspects of SEO is brand recognition. It is critical that your target audience is familiar with your brand. People will never buy from you if they don't know who you are. As a one-stop SEO agency in Toronto, Canada, we strive to establish a strong brand reputation for your company so that people begin to trust it. We accomplish this by obtaining citations for your website on high-ranking websites. These citations / backlinks are counted by Google as votes, which help your website rank higher and build trust with your visitors.

High Quality yet Affordable

Nytelock is the best digital solution for all small and medium-sized businesses. In Toronto, Canada, we provide a cost-effective and flexible price solution for local and global SEO services. We guarantee that the ROI you will receive from our search engine optimization strategy will outweigh your investment. Once you are on the first page of Google, you will continue to receive revenue and sales in an unstoppable manner.

Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

Our Track Record

Still have questions?


What is your pricing like?

Basic Package - $375/mth: This is our entry-level package catered to smaller businesses and startups and only includes 10 ranking keywords and 80 backlinks/month. Bi-weekly reporting included.

Standard Package - $575/mth: This comes with SEO blog articles to push up ranking further and more backlinks. This also includes 10 keywords but with 120+ backlinks/month and weekly reporting.

Advanced Package - $875/mth: This package is more for established businesses looking for exponential growth. That's 15 keywords, 150+ backlinks, more blog articles and overall increasing your domain authority. Weekly reporting included.

All SEO packages come with all three phases, weekly and monthly reporting, as well as website analysis, competitor, on-page and off-page reports.

Fair pricing and full transparency are given to our customers as they know the full breakdown of what task is scheduled, what is in process and what is completed.

I'd like to proceed. How does it work?

Once you've decided to proceed, simply send us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us directly via our quotation form. From there, we will send you our questionnaire which will allow us to understand your requirements a little better and give us the necessary information we need to begin. This will include the type of keywords you'd like to target as well as access to your websites.

Can you guarantee anything?

Google’s complicated algorithm changes frequently and anyone who claims a guarantee against this algorithm is usually not very honest. It's more of a marketing gimmick. We’d rather be upfront and honest than making big promises.

What we DO guarantee is to treat your website like ours and put you in the best position possible for results. We can also guarantee improvements in your site rankings, after our on-page and off-page optimizations.

Offering SEO guarantees is one of the biggest scams you can find in the SEO industry. It is not possible to guarantee rankings on search engines. Google and most other search engines clearly state this on their website.
See - http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html

How long till I see significant results?

Again, it varies from project to project.

Results are dependent on your industry, your goals, your competition, and the number of resources and budget you are allocating for SEO.

A competitive market might take up to 12 months and a less competitive market might take 2-3 months.

A fair estimation would be between 6-9 months. Usually, you would see improvements already in the first 1-2 months.

What is included in your SEO packages?

All SEO packages include the following 3 phases. 

Phase 1: Keyword and Website Analysis
 - Keyword research
- Analysis of Keywords Search Global and Local Volume, Competition and Relevancy
- Website Document type Analysis

Phase 2: On-Page Optimization
- Optimization of Title Tags
- Optimization of Meta Description Tags
- H1, H2 tag Optimization
- URL Optimization
- Optimization of italics and bold tags
- Analysis of non-index attributes

Phase 3: Off-page Optimization
- Article Submission
- Social Bookmarking
- Local listing
- Video submission
- Classified submission
- Image sharing
- Web 2.0 submission


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