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Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing & Advertising

It’s a bull’s eye when a fresh business swiftly leads the market. As more customers get themselves on the internet through their smartphones and tablets, it has been observed that videos catch their attention just in one click. So, if you’re looking for the most effective way to fulfil your marketing plan, turn your head towards video marketing.

Videos are everywhere online now that the path to the digital world is a long journey. As you go through with video marketing and advertising, you’ll absolutely find this capable to enrich potential customers all around the world.

If you want to start to invest in this technique, do understand these 4 reasons and take a leap.

Videos provide key information.

Internet users easily depend on what they have watched from video content. If you want to be recognised instantly with your product, video marketing is the gateway. Instead of letting your buyers read a pure text, get into motion where they will understand more the message you want to convey. Plus, 90% of customers depend on video to enhance their buying decisions.

Videos are easy to share.

As part of a marketing campaign, it is vital to maximising the influence of video assets. Unlike other tools such as document and voice recording, videos are easy to access online. If it’s shareable, the higher chance of building a community that trusts your products and services. Consider the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn,  Instagram, and Twitter. They’re the front runners when it comes to video-based content. So, it’s also a plus to have these platforms on your marketing plan.

Videos enlarge post engagements.

Reading a banner with some compelling writings is not as attractive as video content. By banners and texts alone, your business can be forgotten for some time. If you have an important concept in mind, it’s not enough to type them on an image editor software for content writing or web copy. Yes, punctuation and font styles are good. But, video advertisements are more powerful. And if you’re thinking about search engine optimisation (or SEO), there’s a huge boom that will entice your potential customers towards your business venture.

“People spend money when and where they feel good.”

– Walt Disney

Videos boost traffic.

More viewers mean higher ROI. If you’ve focused on video creation to tell a story of your product or service, then you’ll gain more visitors to your website or social media portals. Paid clicks like PPC can increase your revenues from time to time through stunning videos. Of course, there are several types of videos that you should blend with your marketing campaign.

  • Live videos and stories through the popular social media platforms
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials or DIY videos

Final Words

Now your whole digital marketing plan can be assembled in one video that could be viewed anywhere at any time. Your brand story is created whether these videos are posted on social media or on your website. To sum it all up, you should be specific on your target audience to run your videos smoothly on a daily basis.

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