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Trading FX VPS – How We Implemented A Long Term SEO Process For Global VPS Firm


Trading FX VPS is a hosting service best for Forex trading that provides a wide scope of VPS platforms. They guarantee a seamless and reliable speed of the server that will effectively work on a large amount of data, programming algorithms, software and other trading requirements. As a matter of fact, Trading FX VPS has developed Future VPS Hosting connected directly to Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The Problem

Trading FX VPS faces a challenge to breakthrough in the information technology market. Other than that, the brand wishes to get referrals from other websites to make the service more authentic. Thus, they reached out to Nytelock Digital for warranted solutions that will increase their sales and positive customer reviews.

The Solution

As experts in website development, the Nytelock Digital team performed web solutions starting from planning, initial site blueprint, and down to an up and running website. NDS applied Search Engine Optimization that corresponds with relevant business content and related keywords. With these strategies, Trading FX VPS can take advantage of the digital world to thrive in the business industry.

The Results

The outcome of joint consultation and website development with NDS is very positive. Trading FX VPS attracted several referring websites and pages that made Google recognize the brand.


  • About 560 total referring pages
  • An average of 1.1k organic keywords and 12 for PPC

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