How To Grow Your eCommerce Business On Instagram

For the past few years, Instagram has intensified its features and is now used as a tool for business growth. As of 2021, there are approximately one billion users that are actively engaged with this social network.

It’s an additional marketing strategy that will help your brand or business prosper. Now, you can gain your customers or clients through the use of Instagram. It may be through its shopping features such as shop profile, product tags, collection, product detail page, ads, live shopping, and more.

With all these hallmarks, you can grow your eCommerce business generously. So, how should you do it and where should you start?

Take note of the algorithm of posting on Instagram

The way you systematise your posting activity affects your prospective customers. You can post anytime on Instagram. But once you consider a timeframe, you will become more relevant to your brand identity. The time you post must be related to your business objective. You can review the statistics of your activities through Instagram Insights. You can break them down according to their countries, gender, and age. 

Outline your content

It’s very important to consider planning your content a week or month ahead so your followers won’t have an impression that you’re too trying hard. You need to come up with a smart content strategy. You can always take advantage of the calendar software that is crafted to post your daily offerings. There are 3 best influencing content that will encourage your customers to either sneak in your profile or buy.

  • Promos. Your post should talk about your products and services along with their prices and benefits.
  • Initiate a conversation. Keep in mind that your customers will trust a brand. They feel the need of getting connected with you. You can post questions, suggestion portals, or play a raffle game.
  • B2B Posting. If you’re confident to promote your collaborations or other partnerships, do it. Share on-trend topics as well as business techniques.

“Content is King.”

– Bill Gates

Refine and organise your IG Highlights

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Give a boost to your brand identity to top your customer’s mind. Like a website, concerning web pages or sections talk about reviews, business information, hot sales, order forms, and more. All these elements can be optimised on IG Highlights. Your customers would like to know more about you through this feature without wasting too many seconds on their scrolling time.

Apply fundamentals of graphic design

Your feed is made up of tiles but it’s up to you on how to bring them into life. Always remember that customers get easily attracted when they see something that welcomes them. Invest in templates or colour palettes from a graphic designer or software.

Instagram was initially used for photography to exhibit memorable happenings. And up to this era, you can still apply this method as you build up your brand identity online.

It’s Time To Build Your Community

Engagement makes a difference. Always see to it that you post according to what your customers should be expecting. Instagram has all the gears to elevate your business. Therefore, show your customers the positive advantages of what you offer and definitely, without a doubt, you’ll always be remembered, referred, and be able to increase sales.

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