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How to Increase and Reduce Customer Churn Using UX

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Attracting customers to use your service or products is critical to consider, but keeping these customers using and availing of your business is one thing. Managing a business or a website does not entirely revolve around driving new customers but keeps the previous and current users. 

There are many possible reasons why you are experiencing customer churning. In some cases, a high churn rate could significantly impact your performance. It is relevant to understand your target customers to keep your business thriving and alive in the market. Customer churning is not about how your customers are unsatisfied with the product or service. It could also be about the fault in their experience. 

What is Customer Churn? 

Customer churn is simply an act of losing your customers. It means they stop using and availing your business due to many reasons. It is not necessary to look for new customers that could replace the lost ones to overcome this struggle successfully. While it can help you for a moment, it will not really solve the problem. 

There is a way to calculate your churn rate. Divide the number of lost customers by the original count of customers from the beginning. Remember that with a higher rate, the more likely you are in trouble. 

Even if your churn rate is relatively low in number, there is still value behind that rate. Addressing this issue as early as possible will help your business reach prosperity and stability in the long run. 

Remember that customer churn can occur not because of your product but because of their experience. If you notice that you keep losing your users even after product development, looking at the UX design and possible faults on their end can solve the problem. 

In this case, there are ways to do and consider how you can reduce customer churn by improving your UX. 

Get your customers’ feedback 

You will face a big wall when you keep creating solutions without knowing the roots of the problem. Taking a step back and reviewing your market or customers will significantly help reduce the churn rate. You can either conduct customer interviews and feedback acquisition or use AI to drive market research

You can ask for your market’s feedback regarding their personal experience with your business transactions. Use their comments, survey results, and even behaviour to find faults. Taking a UX audit is a big help in finding the cause of frustrations in your target market. 

Solving your customers’ frustrations 

Reviewing your UX design once more could probably shed some light. Checking your customers’ feedback will allow you to see the root causes of their churn. Fixing the problems and helping your customers alleviate their frustrations will also remove reasons for stopping using your system. 

Keeping up with customer observation and surveys will help you find recurring problems to address. You might solve customer service problems if the problem regards user engagements. Sometimes, onboarding processes to your system also pose some annoying experiences on their part. 

Pique your customers’ interest with a value 

The earlier the customers realize the value of your business, the more likely they are to stay and keep using it. The point of discovery of this is called the “aha!” moment. Make use of visual cues, and customer inputs in blank or empty states, and even provide accessible guide copies to maximize the experience. 

Putting customers’ input into your UX design process where your target or prospects are compelled to add, design, or create something is an excellent way for an effective user experience. The more the customer has been invested or hooked into using your business, the more likely they will stay. 

Encourage customers’ regular use 

The point of the struggle of customer churn is the loss of active customers. Hence, putting more effort into motivating your target market to use your system regularly will help you a lot. Enhance UX to give them the best experience while satisfying the value they deserve. 

Sometimes, a straightforward UX design encourages the audience better than expected. Utilizing what you have gathered from market research and observation will greatly help you know what to improve to give them the best possible experience. You might never know if you will need a new design, software development, or a whole different process to lower your churn rate. 

Put more effort into the reward system 

Positive reinforcements are beneficial for users. Maybe it is time to review your whole UX design and see if visual cues and other reward systems can help you reduce your customer churn rate. Evoking positive emotions in your customers while using your system can cause repeated actions and encourage regular use of the system from their end. 

There are a lot of ways to instil positive emotions and reinforcements. Putting visual cues and reward systems are effective methods. You might have noticed other websites or software using point systems, badges, rankings, congratulatory events and messages, and other methods.

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